People already know plastic is bad for the environment. But exactly how bad?

Globally, we use 1 million plastic drink bottles every minute

That’s a heck
of a lot

The majority are thrown into landfill or end up in the ocean, and the rest (at best) will be recycled.

In the UK alone 7.7 billion plastic water bottles will be used this year and 66% will be lost into the ecosystem.

8 million
of plastic end up in the ocean every year


Transporting bottled
water generates
of CO2

If that wasn’t enough, lorries transporting heavy bottles of water around the UK has an enormous carbon footprint.

Throwing it away doesn’t mean it goes away

Plastic bottles take over 450 years to degrade and wash up on beaches or end up floating in vast mid-ocean trash islands.

Anyone who’s seen Blue Planet has seen the damage ocean pollution is doing to sea-birds, turtles, whales and other marine life.

If we don’t change our habits by 2050, there’ll be more plastic than fish in the sea this speaks for itself

Sir David Attenborough

Action on plastics should be taken immediately. Humanity holds the future of the planet in the palm of its hands

— Sir David Attenborough